Bagaimana Tuhan Menciptakan Cahaya by Raka Ibrahim

Bagaimana Tuhan Menciptakan Cahaya by Raka Ibrahim


“Semesta punya banyak urusan untuk kita yang bisa ditangguhkan sampai besok... Sejujurnya, akupun tidak tahu sama sekali apa yang sedang terjadi di luar ruangan ini. ejauh ini aku tidak peduli. Kamu ada di sisiku malam ini. Aku bahagia. Semuanya baik-baik saja.”

Bagaimana Tuhan Menciptakan Cahaya is a collection of stories that follows a pair of lovers in a room on their last night together. From warriors on the moon, to an estranged father seeking for forgiveness, to the tale of a forgotten actress. The stories that are weaved by the young man for the young man are an assembly of classic and modern mythology. 

"Through the pleasing variations of tales and myths, Raka Ibrahim conveys great questions about human relationships with God. What is marvellous is that, like the narrative of his stories that patiently parses secrets for secrets, he does not seem eager to find an answer."
--Bernard Batubara, writer

"Perhaps Raka Ibrahim is our literary hope...A storyteller, according to Walter Benjamin, which brings us closer to the times and everyday events. These short stories gives us that hope. I read these stories in awe and sometimes stunned by Raka's wisdom and wisdom to navigate from situation to situation, so simple is the material, so fascinating." 
--Richard Oh, writer and founder of Kusala Sastra Khatulistiwa Literary Award

"Raka is a great storyteller. I can see his characters - The Old Man, The Girl With The Exact Name As Yours, The Girl Who Speaks Abacadabra, even you (yes, you!) - in front of my own eyes. His stories flow smoothly like a well-crafted film. Worth to read."
--Gratiagusti Chananya Rompas, writer

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Raka Ibrahim

is a writer, translator, and lover of strange stories. He writes short stories and essays on music, politics, and gender, for publications such as Jakartabeat, Pamflet, Pindai, Jurnal Ruang and Jurnal Subjectivities. Bagaimana Tuhan Menciptakan Cahaya is his first book, which has won the National Book Committee’s LitRi grant.