Familiar Messes by Anya Rompas

Familiar Messes by Anya Rompas


“Days flew by like heavy cigarette smoke floating above the dancing heads in the city’s most notorious club, like speech bubbles written in a language you cannot understand, like a dragon’s breath you keep chasing, like pills that move from your hand to your red lips.”

Gratiagusti Channanya Rompas' personal essays are troves of memories she can always turn back to. They started off as day-to-day accounts of events from her younger years and the now. But Anya, as she is often called, is obsessed with how things people do – often in haste – quickly fossilise into memories, and how these memories, in turn, shape their lives. 

Gratiagusti Chananya Rompas has written two collections of poetry, Kota Ini Kembang Api and Non-Spesifik, both published by Gramedia Pustaka Utama. Her collection of personal essays, Familiar Messes and Other Essays, was published by Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia. She received an Honourable Mention in the 2018 Hawker Prize for Southeast Asian Poetry.This book is part of the Self-Portraits series, a collection of personal essays by women that explores their work, relationship, ideas, and lives. 


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