I Am My Own Home by Isyana Artharini

I Am My Own Home by Isyana Artharini


What is it about male aloneness that makes it so desirable while female aloneness is seen as less so? What is it about male aloneness that is often seen as a heroic and poetic choice, while female aloneness is generally seen to have come from a lack of options?

I am My Own Home is a documentation of what it means to be a 30-something Indonesian woman who lives alone, along with the contentment and loneliness that goes with it. The collected essays is an effort to recreate the idea of 'building a home', a manifesto (of sort) of living life and traveling as one person. These stories, on imperfections and trying too hard, intensity and overthinking, along with unrequited love and unfiltered emotions are one woman’s way to be fully human. 

Isyana Artharini works as a journalist and is currently based in Jakarta. She has written topics ranging from environment and climate change, gender equality, social media, death penalty, human rights, and arts and culture. I Am My Own Home is her first book and essay collection.This book is part of the Self-Portraits series, a collection of personal essays by women that explores their work, relationship, ideas, and lives. 


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