Monsoon Tiger by Rain Chudori

Monsoon Tiger by Rain Chudori


“When the monsoon came, the tigers were left in the heat, and somehow, in that stoic, quiet way of theirs, they slipped out into the city. They roamed the streets, searching, maybe, for an answer or a cause for this unclear war they had with the weather.

Monsoon Tiger and Other Stories is an anthology about love, romance, intimacy, and loneliness. The location of these stories is unclear, no city names, no landmarks, but it is with this very purpose that the author transposes us into the lives of the characters. Told chronologically about various girls and women, each in different stages of their lives, the author creates a thread through their experiences of having loved and having lost.

In Smoking With God, a girl questions the existence of god and its impact towards her father. In The Dollhouse, a girl helps her mother search for her missing father. In Beneath the Bougainvillea, a woman is involved in a dream-like affair with her sister's fiancé. In the titular story, Monsoon Tiger and Other Stories, a woman adopts a stray tiger that comforts her as she copes with her absent lover. It is in the prominence of these themes that the stories live, as it is, first and foremost, about women and their process of being. 

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