Digital Workshop

Comma Digital Workshop is a personal, heart-to-heart writing sessions between you and the writers of your choice. Through weekly text sessions,  we will help you brainstorm, edit, revise, and give us our opinions and suggestions, until you finish your piece.

Our digital workshop is flexible with your time, energy, and mobility. If you have any other ideas on how these sessions will fit for you, you can let us know and we will design it together. Our aim is to assist you in your creative process at its fullest.

Leila Chudori (author of Pulang and Laut Bercerita
RP 200.000 / session

Rain Chudori (author of Monsoon Tiger and Imaginary City
RP 150.000 / session

Raka Ibrahim (author of Bagaimana Tuhan Menciptakan Cahaya)
RP 125.000 / session

Name *
Three sessions minimum.