Hi! We’re looking for a content intern.


For lovers of all things literature, come in to our little home where you can work with like-minded creatives, learn about our craft, and explore the limits of your imagination. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  1. First and foremost, has a passion for literature, art, and culture. Newbie? That’s okay! We believe that everything begins with a love for something.

  2. Has experience in creating content (articles, listicles, mood boards, captions, all that good stuff), and familiar with Instagram, Twitter, and websites.

  3. Someone full of creativity, initiative, and spirit –– so much of our work involves dreaming of new and fun ideas.

  4. Has a sense of style. We’d love to work with someone who has a unique voice and perspective.

  5. Able to work in teams and individually. We’re a small group of creatives who mostly work mobile, but we have monthly meetings over coffee and cake.

  6. We offer compensation, employee perks, and many more perks.

  7. 18-25 years old, preferably university students or fresh graduates. Any majors welcome.

  8. Lives in Jakarta or Jabodetabek area.

And to top it off, we mostly work out of office which means, that’s right, you can work in your pajamas in bed, or in a cafe while hanging with your friends, or anywhere you can dream of! If this sounds like something you’d love (we think it is!), fill out the form on the right hand corner, and we’ll talk to you real soon!

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Please use a Gdrive link and make sure your file can be accessed.