Book Reviews

"Raka menggambarkan hubungan yang kandas, perpisahan yang tragis, dan asa yang semu. Meski demikian, ada secercah harapan yang tersimpan dalam buku ini." 
–Mencari Harapan Dalam Cahaya, interview with Raka Ibrahim on Bagaimana Tuhan Menciptakan Cahaya (Jurnal Ruang, 2018)

"The overarching idea is in exploring the humanity within us, and how we all react in different, yet intrinsically humane ways."
–An Ode To The Classics, review of Bagaimana Tuhan Menciptakan Cahaya by Raka Ibrahim (The Jakarta Post)

"Tulisannya begitu komunikatif persis seperti sedang mendengar seseorang berbicara tanpa henti) mengenai konsep kesendirian yang ia idam-idamkan."
–Menikmati Kesendirian, review of I Am My Own Home by Isyana Artharini (Greatmind)

"This affects our lives, including mine. And I write to reflect that experience." 
–Interview with Anya Rompas, writer of Familiar Messes on literature and writing in English (Jakarta Globe


"Every emotion in this book is real. The things that I consider fiction are the names and chronologies. My love for them is real." 
–From Woman For Women, review of Monsoon Tiger (The Jakarta Post, 2015)

"We bring our own context of the books that we read, but we cannot forget what it means to a woman, and a writer, and how difficult it is to be both at the same time."
–Wanita Dan Sastra, review of Monsoon Tiger (Whiteboard Journal, 2015)

"I want this book to be about the growth from girlhood to womanhood. I think every woman is a survivor."
–Love and Loneliness, review of Monsoon Tiger (The Jakarta Globe, 2015)

"I look to writing as a partner, like having a soulmate."
––Kisah Patah Hati, review of Imaginary City (Jurnal Ruang, 2018)