Someone You Love
A Letter Writing Workshop by Rain Chudori

Sometimes love is quiet, hopeful, and easier written than said. Someone You Love is a letter writing workshop, hosted seasonally, where we come together, and write letters to your loved ones. In every bond of love, there are secrets, there are stories, there are movements of emotions, that we'd like to keep between the person we love and ourselves. This workshop is created to have a safe space to express our feelings, our thoughts, our passions, to the people we love most in the world. Watch our first session here, held on August 2016. 

Every session will be provided with custom stationary consisting of letter paper, envelopes, flowers, ribbons, and stickers, and two guest invites to the next upcoming Comma Books event. In certain sessions, we will collaborate with local artisans, such as print-makers, florists, and carpenters. 

Profits will be donated to Yayasan Dian Sastrowardoyo for Women's Education.

October Session:
RP 200.000 / person. 
Jakarta, October 2018. 
Details to be disclosed. 

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