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season two

In Which We Emerge


Dear readers,

We are honoured – and elated – to publish this year’s selection of emerging writers. From Andre Septiawan’s Suara Murai, whose call for home infuses his poetry, to Pratiwi Juliani’s Atraksi Lumba-Lumba, whose collection of short stories explores the darkness and deceit of the human heart, to Muhammad Wahyudi’s Serayu Malam, who pulls us into his characters’ lives as they embark on a cross-country train trip, to Darmawati Majid, who appears and disappears between tradition and modernity within her short stories. These work spans across style, themes, and movements within the archipelago, and represent the best and the brightest of the generation.

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In Memory Of My Feelings: A Workshop

If you find yourself in Ubud Writers and Readers Festival this October, join us for a workshop where together with Rain Chudori and Pratiwi Juliani, we will explore our inner lives. Through poetry, prose, a short story, or nonfiction, the essence of this workshop is to explore our emotions, recognise them, and communicate them through words.

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Compassion Corner

What are the things that make you happy? This question was always in our mind during the process of creating Compassion Anthology, our collaborative book with Lingkar, a youth mental health services that provides support groups and a safe community.

To accompany the book, we are sharing our very own tips and methods of daily self-care from comfort food, refreshing drinks, health and beauty, to bed, bath, and beyond.


Every time I finish reading a book, I feel carried away.

Tatyana Akman is an actress, model, musician, artist, and all-around gracious hostess. On a quiet Monday morning, she invited Comma over into her villa, hidden behind lush trees and adorned with batik, where she resides with her partner, Samo Rafael and her sphinx cat, Riddler. She tells us about her life that lies somewhere between fast and slow, and everything that surrounds it: art, music, nature, love, and of course, literature.


in bed with

Tatyana Akman


Our Story

We are a publishing initiative within Penerbit KPG 
dedicated to works of fiction, nonfiction, and everything
in between by contemporary emerging writers. We are
interested in writings that are tender, intimate, and limitless.
Writings that last. Writings with a life of their own. 

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday
10 am - 4 pm

(021) 53650110
Kompas Gramedia,
Jl. Palmerah Barat No.29-37,
Jakarta Selatan

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